Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Make a direct impact to students with YOUR support....


Hey folks, have you seen directly or indirectly the benefits of Mr. Hayes' YouTube Science? I am very excited to announce a few great things that are happening. The first I want to share is I have written a proposal to donorschoose.org for a grant to add professional audio equipment to enhance the quality of all future videos. The lessons I am providing are helping parents, teachers and fellow educators not just at Highland Park but around the globe.

YOU CAN HELP, and during the next SEVEN DAYS, the board of directors at donorschoose.org have indicated they will match DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR any donations that are submitted toward my project. I would sincerely appreciate any donations toward this goal. I have spent hundreds of dollars personally on equipment and software to provide the resources needed for recording and editing. Your assistance in helping fund upgraded professional equipment would make huge impacts for future videos.

It's SIMPLE, just go to the following link:

Enter the code INSPIRE and your donation will be matched dollar for dollar up until July 23rd (My wedding anniversary)

Donors will receive back a personal thank you from me and my students this Fall.

Additional news I would like to share is first year teachers in Texas along with their mentor teachers will have access to 17 of my video lessons as well as printable lesson plans to accompany the videos. They will be hosted on the Texas A&M University PACT (Professional-academic Coaching Teams) website. Any teacher using the PACT website will have immediate access.

I am also in the works to receive assistance to purchase upgraded professional video equipment from Canon and other charitable organizations.

Please be a part and help in funding my project for professional audio equipment at the above link. Feel free to share this opportunity with friends and family on Facebook and through other forms of social media.

I would be happy to answer any comments or posts you may make. If you are a STUDENT, PARENT or TEACHER, please make a comment on this post to share the benefits you may have received through Mr. Hayes' YouTube Science.

YOU can help make it happen!!!
Your generosity will directly impact the education of a child's life.

Thanks for your consideration,

Mike Hayes

YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/hpisdhayes
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/hpisdhayes
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/hpisdhayes

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